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Is the commercial roof on your business leaking? You can count on DK Contractors to provide the roofing system you need using quality, American-made products from Conklin Roof Systems. Offering commercial roof repair and patching, commercial roof coatings, single-ply roofing and spray foam roof insulation, DK Contractors can restore and transform your roof into its former glory. As an Amish owned and operated roofing contractor, we always try to do our best to provide you with a high quality roof.


Commercial Roof Repair

Too much water standing on a flat roof can cause considerable wear and tear. Save yourself the expense of a new roof. Whether it’s seams or sealers, DK Contractors specializes in repairing and patching any commercial roofing system, giving it several more years of life.

Did you know that repaired roofs can be written off as a tax deduction in one year instead of having the depreciation value of tearing it off and replacing it?

Commercial Roof Coating & Restorations

Is your roof getting old or rusty? Add 10-20 years to the life of your commercial roof! DK Contractors can coat your metal roof or make your rubber roof seamless. Our coatings are always white, adding energy savings to your electric bill. Restore your old roof and avoid tear off!


Single-Ply Commercial Roofing

Save energy with our white single-ply roofs that reflect the sunlight. With far fewer seams than asphalt roofing systems, single-ply seams are hot-air welded, making them more resistant to damage. Our first-rate single-ply systems are manufactured in a quality-controlled environment, minimizing your risk. Single-ply roof systems can last up to 25 years!

Spray Foam Systems

Spray foam insulation can add strength to your roofing system and save you money. With no seams to leak and no fasteners, spray foam systems can effectively control air infiltration. Save energy and eliminate tear-off by insulating your roof with spray foam.


About Us

Daniel Stoltzfus was working as a painting contractor when he saw an opportunity to expand his business. Working with a team of contractors, he began to repair and replace commercial roofing in 2016, and DK Contractors was formed. DK Contractors strives to complete the job with minimal interruption to your business. Get your free quote now or call to learn more about our quality products and services.


We are pleased to service in New Jersey and all of South Central and Southeastern Pennsylvania including these towns:

  • Harrisburg, PA

  • Lancaster, PA

  • Philadelphia, PA

  • Reading, PA

  • York, PA

  • Trenton, NJ

  • & surrounding areas.

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