Commercial Roof Spray Foam Systems

The super coat...double your value.

Keep heat & cool on the right side of your roof

Versatile applications

 Save on energy

Long-lasting surface

Many commercial building roofs are a great fit for a spray foam roofing system. This is a great way to create a monolithic roof surface over multiple types of roofing materials. Spray foam is especially attractive in complicated roofing systems where it can eliminate the time and expense of a tear-off.

Our foam is made of a proprietary closed-cell formula that gives you the best performance in both insulative value and long-term durability. Each inch of foam gives you an extra 7 R-value of insulative quality. This can be huge for many older commercial buildings. In some cases, the energy savings are so drastic that building owners can recoup the roof investment in just a few years.

Spray foam insulation can add strength to your roofing system. It seals and binds as one large sheet when completed. With no seams to leak and no fasteners, spray foam systems can effectively control air infiltration. 

Preparation work consists of ensuring all base materials are tightly secured and the surface is properly prepared for adherence. Foam is applied with a pneumatic spray gun by experienced professionals to ensure a smooth and consistent coverage of uniform thickness. A proprietary topcoat of a white rubberized formula is laid down in 1-3 topcoats for a durable finish that’s as tough as an armadillo. This surface has a lifespan of 10-15 years.

Loved by many for their versatility and energy efficiency spray foam roofing systems are a popular solution for over half of our large commercial projects. 

Do you find spray foam an attractive option, but not sure which roofing system would be best for your commercial building application? Never fear. All of our roof system recommendations are preceded by a site visit, free roof inspection, and a thorough, Quick Quote to give you the pros and cons of each system for your application along with our suggested approach.