Commercial Roof Coating & Restoration

Your roof may just need some ‘secret sauce’.

Restore your old roof and avoid tear off!

Metal Roof Facelifts

Corrosion Reversal

White & Bright

Coating and restoration may be exactly what your roof needs if it is made of metal or if your rubber roof needs to be made seamless.

Many times a metal roof has excellent soundness just beneath the surface. 

Our process stops corrosion dead in its tracks

After examining protrusion details and carefully inspecting the entire roof surface we begin our preparation process. We tighten and add roof fasteners as needed, strengthening areas needing subsurface support. 

Certain types of rubber roofs can be sound in most places but where the edges meet have become compromised. In the many situations, these roofs are best restored by our coating process. The joints and protrusions are sub-sealed in our prep process.

When the entire surface is prepped, our team applies the coatings in the optimal method for the roof surface, ensuring even surface coating and a high level of attention to detail. When the coating is finished you’ll enjoy a bright white, sunlight-reflective, surface of exceptional durability for the next 10-20 years, adding energy savings to your electric bill. 

In most cases, a minimal-prep cleaning and re-coating at the sunset of the coating’s life will restart the clock, giving you a brand-new roof surface with another 10-20 years lifespan ahead.

Relax, we’ll help you decide if this is the roof system for you. 

All of our roof system recommendations are preceded by a site visit, free roof inspection, and a thorough, Quick Quote so that you can make the best decision for your building and future.