Commercial Roof Repair

Need to squeeze a few more seasons out of your roof?

Quality repairs to keep you going a little longer.

Thorough inspection

Patching done right

Quick & simple

There is a season for everything in life. If this simply isn’t the season for your new roof, we get that.We can assist you with a high-quality repair to buy you a little more time till you need to replace your roof.

Maybe your overall roof has some life left in it but you need a problem area fixed. Or perhaps you have some annoying leaks that need attention. Or maybe winter season is on the way and you know some sections of your roof won’t make it through the winter with the harsh abuse of the elements. No problem.

We’ll give you a careful inspection and a quotation with how we plan to tackle your problem. We tighten your fasteners. If the leaks are around a protrusion or involve a leaking joint we go deep taping the joints and applying a heavy-duty water-proofing agent. In essence, we give you the deepest and best repair we know how to give. It’s not a long-term fix, but we want it to be as strong and long-lasting as possible.

Think you’d like the repair options, but not sure? We’ve got you covered. All of our roof system recommendations are preceded by a site visit, free roof inspection, and a thorough, Quick Quote. Compare and choose the best for your situation.